The sustainable and cost-effective solution for your CO₂ needs

Harness the greenest on-site CO₂ supply for a healthier planet. Say Goodbye to sourcing difficulties and Hello to a more eco-friendly approach with our carbon capture systems.

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Revolutionize your production processes with NeoCarbon

In the past years, your industry has dealt with unreliable supply chains and fluctuating CO₂ prices. Get your own on-site supply with NeoCarbon’s CO₂ capture solution. We can help you transform your production processes, making them more cost-efficient and sustainable.

Cost-effective carbon capture solutions for your site

With our Direct Air Capture units that fill your CO₂ needs, you can own and operate a carbon capture module on your site. That eliminates transportation costs and fluctuating CO₂ prices. Our modules provide an on-site source, ensuring cost transparency and stability.

Lead the way in environmental responsibility

NeoCarbon's Direct Air Capture technology provides your business with the greenest and most sustainable source of CO₂. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint, and meet the demands of increasingly eco-conscious customers. Support us in scaling our technology and developing a solution that addresses the climate crisis.

Break free from supply chain dependencies

Dependence on erratic CO₂ supply chains hinders your operations. With NeoCarbon's Direct Air Capture solution, you can achieve self-reliance in CO₂ production. Ensure a steady and uninterrupted supply to optimize your manufacturing processes.

Some industries we help utilize CO₂

Vertical farming

Carbonated drinks

Methanol production

Data centers

Concrete production

Future fuels

Fire extinguishers

Dry ice

Order our product now to use the greenest CO₂ available

Gas cylinder



Amount of CO₂ per day
~5kg per day
5 tons per year
62.5 tons per year
Delivery time
Plant size
2m x 2m x 1.5m
20ft container
1,000 kg
5,000 kg
CO₂ purity
90-99.99% possible
90-99.99% possible
90-99.99% possible
Form of the CO₂
Gas or liquid
Gas or liquid

Questions on how to unlock the power of carbon capture modules for your business?

Our team is here to provide answers and support, helping you to utilize the greenest CO2 available.