The technology behind our Direct Air Capture system

Our system captures CO₂ molecules from the air, storing them permanently or utilizing them in industries. NeoCarbon's cost-effective approach through retrofitting waste heat and existing infrastructure brings large-scale carbon capture within reach.

How our technology works

Our technology boasts unique features that enable seamless integration with existing cooling towers and waste heat sources, accelerating its scalability compared to other DAC methods. By leveraging the infrastructure already in place, we transform industrial emitters into front-runners of carbon removal in a fast and cost-effective way.

The large metallic tubes show retrofitting the airflow, the smaller white tubes show retrofitting the waste heat (ideally up to 90 °C waste heat), and the green tubes the captured CO₂ outlets.

NeoCarbon product integrated render

How we remove and permanently store the CO₂ from the atmosphere

We work together with sequestration companies and carbon hubs to permanently store our captured CO₂. The CO₂ can be sequestered underground, or it can be permanently stored in products like concrete.

Visual of NeoCarbon integration with all stakeholders

The advantages of our technology


Our technology reuses the heat that cooling systems normally evacuate, so minimal additional energy is used to capture CO₂ from the air

Our novel reactor design is at the bleeding edge of the industry and enables extremely efficient capture

No Greenfield investment as we operate at existing industrial sites


Our technology can be retrofitted to many waste heat stream types and designs

Our modules don’t interfere with the operations and efficacy of cooling systems

There are hundreds of thousands of waste heat streams we could retrofit, which would result in capturing Gigatons (Gt) of CO₂ per year

We can take advantage of the CO₂ hubs being built in many industrial areas for CO₂ logistics, leveraging existing infrastructure at low additional cost

Do you want to leverage your cooling tower or waste heat stream to capture CO₂?