doing Direct Air Capture with cooling towers

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Get paid to capture CO₂ with your cooling tower

Get paid to capture CO₂ and lower your carbon footprint, all with no upfront costs. We leverage your existing cooling tower without impacting its original functionality to also capture CO₂ directly from the air.


Buy clean CO₂ captured directly from the air

Our CO₂ is cleaning the atmosphere whereas traditional suppliers are emitting more carbon while producing their CO₂. From industrial to food-grade purity, we can provide the CO₂ for your needed quantities.


Buy credits to support our global climate goals

Get early access to the highest quality removal technological credits, from within the EU. Pre-purchased credits are reserved for you thus guaranteeing availability including a lifelong discounted price.


How it works

The climate situation

Globally, humanity emits 51 billion tons of CO₂e every year. Over the last decades, this has had a significant impact on our climate. As a result, the average temperature on the globe has already increased by 1.1°C and climate disasters are occurring more often.

Unless we drastically reduce our emissions and capture back most of the carbon we have already released, this trend will exponentially accelerate.

Direct Air Capture (DAC)

According to the IPCC, the UN expert panel on climate change, we will have to remove over 10 billion tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere annually. This is due to the fact that some industries will not be able to cut their emissions completely, for example agriculture and aviation.

Direct Air Capture - or capturing CO₂ directly from the air - is the only technology that enables this to be achieved on an industrial scale. However, today, Direct Air Capture systems are too expensive and time consuming to build, preventing humanity from reaching this goal on time.

Our solution

NeoCarbon uses existing infrastructure in the form of cooling towers to perform DAC at up to 10x lower costs and time, which makes DAC mass-market ready.

Indeed, millions of existing cooling towers around Europe continuously circulate massive amounts of air to remove heat from industrial plants and buildings. By efficiently retrofitting those towers, we remove the carbon dioxide from all this air at very low additional cost. Several billion tons of CO₂ could be captured this way annually, a huge share of humanity’s long-term needs.

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Who We are

A team passionate about climate & sustainability

NeoCarbon reverses climate change by dramatically cutting costs of Direct Air Capture leveraging cooling towers around Europe. By retrofitting existing infrastructure without impacting their original function, the time and cost needed to set up a carbon capturing system is improved by up to 10x.

NeoCarbon was formed in Berlin in 2021 by René Haas and Silvain Toromanoff, two engineers passionate about ClimateTech, who were soon after joined by Dr. Andrew Shamu, a chemical process engineer with deep expertise in carbon capture, and many more team members thereafter. NeoCarbon is backed by Venture Capital funds PropTech1, Speedinvest and Antler.

René, Co-Founder & CEO

René is an industrial engineer with an M.Sc. in Energy & Resource Management.

Most recently, René built various business units and scaled teams to over 100 people at tink in Berlin.


Silvain, Co-Founder & CTO

Silvain is an engineer in theoretical Mathematics & Physics, with another M.Sc. in Innovation Management.

Most recently, Silvain was CTO of Sayduck, his own AR startup in Helsinki.


Andrew, Head of R&D

Andrew is a chemical engineer with a PhD in modular process design for CO₂.

Most recently, Andrew worked as a process engineer in the carbon capture unit of Bilfinger.


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