Lead the transition to a carbon-negative world through CO₂ removal

NeoCarbon captures CO₂ at low cost and at scale by leveraging waste heat and existing infrastructure.

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Remove carbon

Currently, humanity is emitting 51 Gt CO₂e per year. We need to drastically reduce those emissions, but that won't be sufficient. Think of it like a bathtub, reducing our emissions limits the water that is going in, but we cannot close the tab entirely due to unavoidable emissions from industries like aviation.

Therefore, we also need to open the drain of the bathtub, which is achieved via carbon removal, and specifically via Direct Air Capture technology.

CO2 in atmosphere bathtub analogy

NeoCarbon’s approach: leveraging existing infrastructure

NeoCarbon’s patented approach is the future of removing CO₂ from ambient air. Our strategy cuts the cost of Direct Air Capture (DAC) in many different ways.


By leveraging waste heat to drastically lower energy costs


By saving time and money by using the existing infrastructure (roads, water lines, foundations, permitting, …) instead of starting every time from scratch


By safely storing carbon permanently using CO₂ pipelines coming to industrial areas


By processing the airflow used to evacuate heat by cooling towers instead of building and running additional large fans

Utilize captured CO₂

Drive your business towards sustainability with our technology. NeoCarbon's innovative technology captures CO₂ from the air, transforming it into a valuable resource for your industry, always reliably available. By utilizing captured CO₂, you can reduce your environmental impact, contribute to a circular economy, and fuel cost-effective growth.

Emission vs time graph

Dedicated to fighting climate change

At NeoCarbon, we are not just a company – we are a team passionate about creating a better world for future generations. Based in Berlin, Germany, we are driven to fight climate change and make the world a liveable place for generations to come. Our philosophy is to leverage waste heat and existing infrastructure to drastically lower the cost of Direct Air Capture and make a meaningful impact on climate change.

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