Chemical Engineer / Materials Scientist



NeoCarbon is reversing climate change and leading the transition to a carbon-negative world through CO₂ removal.

Your role

You will work at an early-stage start-up that aims to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing humanity: reversing global warming. As a Chemical Engineer or Materials Scientist, you will play a key role in the development and optimization of CO2 capture units and their capture materials, putting you at the forefront of Direct Air Capture innovations. You will work closely with our CTO Silvain and our Head of R&D Andrew on this exciting challenge, and will develop and characterize high-end composite materials, some of which will be provided by NeoCarbon partners who are global leaders within their respective fields. In addition, you will help set up and equip our new laboratory so that we can work with the highest quality standards.

What you will do

What we are looking for

You do not need to have every listed requirement and skill to be a great fit - you may even teach us something about what we should be looking for! If you are passionate about this opportunity and think you have the skills to succeed, please apply!

What you will get

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About NeoCarbon

We use existing infrastructure in the form of cooling towers to perform Direct-Air-Capture (DAC) at up to 10x lower costs and time, which makes DAC mass-market ready. Indeed, millions of existing cooling towers around Europe continuously circulate massive amounts of air to remove heat from industrial plants and buildings. By efficiently retrofitting those towers, we remove the carbon dioxide from all this air at very low additional cost. Several billion tons of CO2 could be captured this way annually, a huge share of humanity’s long-term needs.